03 Casexp

The experimental house
for any place or owner
environmental sustainability
in all decisions

Steel, wood, glass,
thermo-acoustic panels
renewable energies, solar, photovoltaic
water reuse, vegetation, shades
propose an ecologically
integrated system.

Portable, connectable 36m2 modules 
comprise the habitable space,
single-family or collective
or the temporary, emergency workplace
horizontal or vertical,
community in transformation

Transitory just like life,
eternal just like
lightness and time.


project: 2007-2008

architect: João Diniz

associate architects: Pedro Gadalupe, José Luis Baccarini, Isabel Diniz

project participant in the Scientific Initiation Program at Fumec University, Belo Horizonte.

contests: Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction 2008 and Extreme Housing/Living Steel 2008



João Diniz Arquitetura Ltda Av. Pasteur 89 / 809 Santa Efigênia 30150-290 |
Belo Horizonte / MG - Brasil | fone 55 31 999573033 | escritorio@joaodiniz.com.br